[COVID-19] Are there people in home quarantine in your neighborhood? You can now check using WhatsApp

Many have been wondering if there are persons in quarantine near their residential buildings but not everyone knows how to use the Internet to view the list of home quarantine buildings. To check, however, you don’t even need to go online – you can also simply send a WhatsApp.

As the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic unfolds, the biggest concern of Hong Kong citizens, besides the masks and hand sanitizers, has been the presence of people in home quarantine in their near vicinity. Since early February 2020, the Hong Kong government has mandated that all people returning to Hong Kong from the mainland shall remain in home quarantine for 14 days. Under the “Regulations on Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving in Hong Kong from Foreign Places”, all persons who have been to a specified foreign country/territory within the previous 14 days have to wear a home quarantine electronic bracelet and undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine.

How to check for compulsory quarantine buildings?

In the afternoon of March 24, 2020, the government announced that the total number of patients diagnosed with the new coronavirus in Hong Kong was 387.

According to the latest (updated on March 16) list of buildings for compulsory quarantine by the Center for Health Protection, over 24,000 people are in compulsory quarantine in more than 13,000 buildings or housing estates in 18 districts in Hong Kong.

To find out if there are people in home quarantine in your neighborhood, you can’t rely only on straps (quarantine electronic bracelets) on people’s hands in the street. However, finding the list of buildings that had persons under compulsory home quarantine mostly meant relying on online rumors. Initially, the list of the buildings started circulating on the Internet on February 27, and then the media and district board members continued to check with the Department of Health and Department of Home Affairs. The authorities later stated they would consolidate the list as soon as possible. When the list had finally been consolidated, it was published as a 444-pages long PDF document available only at the Center for Health Protection. This made it difficult for the general public or the elderly to check using mobile phones. According to “Apple Daily”, with the most recent update of the database (March 16), a “search tool for the list of buildings inhabited by persons under compulsory quarantine” has been introduced and the public can now check it on the designated website.

[Instructions] The ultimate convenience of WhatsApp quarantine building search tool

During just one week, the number of people under compulsory quarantine has increased rapidly due to the influx of overseas students returning to Hong Kong and everyone wants to be able to obtain the latest information at any time and more conveniently. To make it easier for the elderly, middle-aged, and young people in Hong Kong to search the database, Clare.AI has created a “WhatsApp quarantine building list search tool”. As long as you’re a WhatsApp user, you can search for quarantine buildings by sharing your location via a text message. This way, the elderly people who are not experienced in the use of the Internet can now check as well.

Using this WhatsApp search tool is very simple:

  1. Click on the link https://bit.ly/2JaUeIL or scan the QR code below to add the WhatsApp number in the search tool.
  • After you type “hi Clare”, the chat box will display the search instructions.
  • Enter the name or area of the quarantine building you want to look up.
  • You can also share your location to search for nearby quarantine buildings.

  • type ‘1’ to get the overview on the latest situation.

As the epidemic continues to rage, Clare.AI (WhatsApp Business Solution Partner) hopes that this WhatsApp search tool will make it convenient for any Hong Kong citizen to keep up with the epidemic developments and protect both their own and their families’ health.

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