Clare.AI Wins the ET Net FinTech Award 2018

Ken Yeung, Co-Founder of Clare.AI is receiving the award

FinTech inevitably has an increasingly important role in this era and 2018 was the vital year for the FinTech industry, especially in Hong Kong. By combining the industry know-how, resources, and client base of financial institutions with the innovation and agility of FinTech, collaboration between financial institutions and FinTech could be seen as the most successful approach. Seeing this fast growth and huge opportunity in the coming years, ET Net has been organizing a FinTech Award for the past 2 years.

Following the tremendous success of FinTech Award 2017, last year, FinTech Award 2018 was held to not only encourage the development of FinTech innovations and solutions but also to recognize excellence and innovation in the use of IT in Financial services in Hong Kong. Many AI solutions competed to win the prestigious awards and Clare.AI was recognized as the industry leader and won the Outstanding Artificial Intelligent (AI) (Customer Experience) Messaging Platform Award.

This award is a reflection of what Clare.AI has been developing for the past 2 years. Since founded in 2016, Clare.AI has been trusted by financial institutions for creating award-winning automatic conversational experiences. Moreover, we are also selected by Whatsapp to be one of their global solution business partners. By providing enterprises with end-to-end AI interaction management software, so that enterprise can chat with their customers securely 24×7 in their preferred channels in their own Asian languages, this award recognizes one important mission Clare.AI has which is to empower effortless enterprise communications at scale. Our goal for the future is to roll out our digital assistant in more countries across Asia, with higher automated replies and satisfaction score.

We are thankful for the partners, clients and our team members to be part of the journey. This is only the beginning of our journey, and we will keep up the good work.

All winners of the FinTech Award 2018

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