Birdie – Customer Friendly Service at Scale


With its advanced telecommunications infrastructure, Hong Kong has a 246% mobile subscriber penetration rate. Although it has one of the most competitive telecommunications landscape, customers of its traditional telco companies share some common pain points: high service cost, rigid 24-month contract with relatively disappointing service experience – long queuing up in physical stores, impersonal customer service, listening to the boring music played while waiting for hotline representatives etc.

Birdie as an Innovator

As a revolutionary Telco, Birdie dares to be different by offering monthly tariff without contract bindings at favourable prices, innovative P2P solution to unused data, and 24-hour online service. Birdie is also the pioneer in the ground-breaking Data-P2P Technology. Such technology allows users to transfer their data to your friends, even to save unused data for later use.

No more queuing up in physical stores. With Birdie, you gain access to essentially all its services through one mobile app, from registration of the service, account activation or even purchasing a Travel Data Day Pass!

Birdie’s Challenges

To provide a brand-new customer experience to their users, Birdie has no call-centres nor physical stores. Instead, Birdie connects with their customers where they already are, through Facebook and their mobile app.

“Since the launch of Birdie, we have gained strong adoption and popularity in the market. It is good news, but it also means that we need to scale up our customer support team in 2 months’ time,” says Daniel Lo, Customer Success Manager. “Customer support is hard to scale not only because it is expensive, but difficult to train and retain people.”

Human-Friendly AI Solution is the Key

Finding a way to provide a smooth and supportive experience to their customers had been a tricky problem to Birdie until they found Clare.AI’s solution.

With Clare.AI, we do not need to worry about the high influx of enquiries, even during busy travel seasons and peak hours. Prior to the using Clare.AI, the customer services are completely manual.

— Daniel Lo, Customer Success Manager

Providing Friendly Service at Scale

Clare.AI specialises in creating scalable automated digital assistants for enterprises with a strong focus on customer experience. Its proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP)  engine accurately understands Cantonese, English, and a mixed-use of languages. Since Clare.AI can better understand user’s input, Birdie is able to provide 90% automated answers to their customers. Moreover, Clare.AI’s proprietary machine learning technology allows the digital assistant learns and improves progressively. This makes Birdie’s business scalable and sustainable.

Understanding Customers’ Best Concerns at Ease

Having employed Clare.AI’s digital assistant solution, Birdie can now solve enquiries in a timely manner.

Clare.AI’s solution provides a friendly and powerful dashboard that allows Birdie’s customer support team to learn and keep track of what their customers are most concerned about. On the dashboard, users can train their digital assistant with simply a few clicks, no coding experience is required.

“We have an accurate grasp of what customers are asking in real-time, which not only facilitates our further optimization of the AI assistants, but also helps us work on customer analytics,” says Daniel. “Their admin panel is user-friendly. Training is instant and we can update and revise the answers immediately”.

Wings to Birdie’s Innovation

With its Chinese brand name as 「自由鳥」(‘Free Bird’ in English translation), it is the company’s aspiration to free customers from conventional operators to once again enjoy chatting, net-surfing, and travelling. With Clare.AI’s digital assistant solution, Birdie is on the right track towards its mission.

What makes Birdie stands out in such a strong competition is its unrelenting focus on customer experience and its lively persona of “Free Bird”.

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