Japanese NLU Engine Comparison between IBM Watson, Dialogflow (API.ai) & wit.ai

Clare.AI is dedicated to continually develop Asian language NLP sets in the finance domain. Japanese is spoken by 126 million speakers. Clare.AI was honored to be selected by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as one of the 8 companies to join the Fintech Business Camp. We have also been traveling more to Japan to explore business opportunities.

We have also recently collected FAQ data from Japanese financial institutions and conducted the benchmark test like we did in other languages.The raw FAQ and variation data is available here. See more details of  English, Cantonese and Indonesian Bahasa Benchmark test.

japanese all new

The table above is the results of our tests with Japanese questions.  We initially imported 25 questions and 4 variations of each question. In total, we imported 100 questions in each system.

japanese processing time new

Once again, our system returned results the quickest, much faster than the other solutions and almost 8 times faster than IBM Watson.

japanese correct answer new.PNG

Clare.AI is shown to excel in Japanese compared to the other platforms. Our system had a 19% better accuracy than IBM Watson. We have included few examples where Clare.AI is able to correctly match with the right question, while IBM did not: 

Testing Variation Clare.AI Match IBM Match

Would the real time deposit be reflected my MRF?


If I conduct real time deposit, will the deposit record be directly reflected in Money Reserve Fund(MRF)?  ✅


How do I deposit in real time?


What do I need to create a NISA account?


What are the required documents for opening a NISA account? ✅


What is the minimum age to create a NISA/Junior NISA account?


I have lost my Starter kit. Please tell me what to do


Starter Kit of NISA account has been lost. Can it be reissued? ✅


Tell me how to deposit


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