Clare.AI selected by Tokyo Metropolitan Government for inaugural FinTech Program

Clare.AI, Artificial Intelligence interaction management system, is one of 8 companies selected globally by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for its inaugural FinTech Business Camp program. We are the only Hong Kong company selected to attend. The Government reviewed 52 companies from 16 countries and selected the final 8, and provides business support, consultation, introductions to the Japan market. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Clare.AI actively expands to other Asia countries, including Singapore. Tokyo is another important Asia financial hub. As Tokyo will host 2020 Olympics, we foresee the government will invest more to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

Currently, Japan’s finance and insurance industry only account for 5% of the GDP.  In order to double the ratio, the Government is working on a series of initiatives. FinTech Business Camp Tokyo is a key initiative designed to bring fintech to Japanese institutions during Accelerator program from October to November 2017. There are 18 participating financial institutions include MUFG, Mizuho, Nomura, Rakuten and other leading financial institutions.

FinTech Business Camp Tokyo

Note: Apologies to Moneythor, as we created an earlier draft for blog, but didn’t update it immediately afterwards.

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