A World of Chatbots

        Last week, we covered how our modern world has birthed the new technological trend of chatbots (The Millennial Dilemma). Chatbot development has become overwhelmingly popular in the past year or so with over 35,000 chatbots being developed on Facebook messenger (Chatbots Magazine). The role of chatbots in our future is yet to be determined, and their potential to become a large part of our lives has garnered mixed feelings among users and developers. Nevertheless, we believe it is only a matter of time before our daily lives will involve interacting with a chatbot of some sort.

        Chatbots will have the ability to play various roles and many companies have already taken the steps to test the waters. Among them include CNN and their planning to develop a chatbot to deliver immediate news to its viewers, Uber’s conversational commerce bots on Facebook Messenger, and customer service bots like Clare.AI.

        Typically, when a technological trend develops, there are several stages it takes before it fully integrates itself into society as a “necessity”. For example, the U.K. Government labelled the telephone as a fad since they had enough messenger boys to do the same job, yet soon enough, telephones became vital in everyday life. Each of these stages takes time, and has its own barriers and hurdles that may cause the trend to end.development-paradox

  1.     Testing & Development: This stage is a concept stage. People have imagined an end goal for a product and the things it may achieve. Developers and fanatics begin trying to develop the product into a truly usable and effective mechanism.
  2.     Adoption: After the trend becomes a usable, convenient tool, the next stage is to become common and used. People have to see this tool as an actual way to make life more efficient. If the tool doesn’t aid in making lives more efficient, it just becomes another fad with no true potential and purpose.
  3.     Evolution: Once the tool becomes commonly used. The trend cannot remain stagnant. In this day and age, forms of technology are easily discarded and new trends are adopted. In order to fulfill its potential and become a necessity for efficiency, it must keep developing and improving.

We believe the chatbot trend has reached the adoption phase. Last year when Messenger launched its bot platform, tens of thousands of bots were developed and deployed on the app. Yet this was still the testing & development phase as most of these bots were generally useless in completing their required tasks and were just fun gimmicks. But through this testing & development phase emerged companies such as Clare.AI, who have built scalable chatbots that can do exactly what they are meant to do and more.

Insurance demo.png

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Clare.AI focuses on Asian Languages including Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Its backend has been built to be adaptable, and your company’s relevant customer service FAQ, chat logs, and data can be easily on-boarded (schedule a demo at demo@clare.ai or on our website). We believe our chatbot is ready for adoption and it’s time for us to help make the customer experience a lot cheaper, more efficient, and more convenient.

It’s time to start integrating this technology into our everyday lives.

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