Living A Healthy Life In Hong Kong On A Budget

Hong Kong is, no doubt, an expensive city to live in for many of us. If you are in Hong Kong or are travelling to Hong Kong, it’s important that you know how to stay there on a limited budget and at the same time, stay healthy too.

For this purpose, you basically need a well-thought-out financial plan and tips & tricks to make it successful.

This kind of plan is going to help control your budget. But don’t worry you are not going to miss out on anything because a good financial plan will help you to run your life smoothly with everything that you basically need to stay healthy and enjoy your life.

Things like the gym, fitness, healthy food and so on can all be achieved on a reasonable budget.

Here are some useful tricks about living a healthy life in Hong Kong on a budget:

  1. Subscribe to right fitness plan: a fitness plan is crucial for living a healthy life. But in the crowded city of Hong Kong, there are so many gym options that it’s natural for a layman to get confused about choosing the best one.

Chances are, people might get misled to the wrong option too. So it’s absolutely important that you do plenty of research and sign up for the fitness plan that doesn’t put you in trouble in the long run. Yoga and boxing classes can be great alternatives to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Choose low-budget but healthy restaurants: Eating out in restaurants doesn’t always mean draining loads of cash out of your wallet.

Some of the healthiest restaurants in Hong Kong might be the most expensive ones too but fortunately, there are also some restaurants in Hong Kong that don’t just offer healthy food but also cheap prices.

Yes, low-budget but healthy restaurants will do wonders to your financial plan in Hong Kong although most of them are vegetarian ones.

But hey, they are superb for your health! Why not try them? Happy Veggies, MANA!, Bijas and Meet at Sakura are worth-considering options for you.

  1. Be creative with a new recipe: Let the creativity kick into your recipe and explore the new ways of cooking with cheaper ingredients.

If you want to live in Hong Kong on a shoe string, this creative trick can be a spark to your financial plan because this is such a wonderful way to cut down your budget, be healthy and be creative all at the same time.

You should definitely check out Hong Kong based recipe sites like The Flexible Chef.

  1. Sign up for free fitness classes: Fortunately, there are several free and donation-based fitness classes running in Hong Kong. So be updated about what kind of classes are going on in Hong Kong and where. Sign up for the opportunities that are free or low at cost.

Lululemon’s boot camp, running and yoga is quite a popular option which you can do for absolutely free of cost. How about #JustShowUp held in Sai Ying Pun every Wednesday which is also free of cost?

Well, there are many other options if you want to explore them for maintaining healthy life on a shoestring budget.


  1. Workout on your own: No effort is better than the one that is self-motivated, be it exercise, yoga, running or just taking a walk.

You don’t always have to go somewhere else to do your daily workout. In fact, if you start doing it on your own with self-motivation, you are likely to achieve a more positive result in your life.

In addition, you will save the whole lot of money that you would otherwise pay to gym or yoga studio. Doesn’t it sound great?

  1. Keep an eye on your balance: Yes. While you’re doing the very best things to keep your life in Hong Kong happy and healthy, don’t forget to monitor your account balance every now and then and be informed about what’s going on with your finances.

The best way to do this is to install a smart financial planner app such as

When you have, you can conveniently chat with your personal finance assistant who will help you with everything you need to manage your budget including account balance, budgeting advice, monthly statement and so on in the most personalised way.

So these are the tips and tricks for you to follow in order to live a healthy life in Hong Kong on a budget.

However, these are mainly based on your diet and fitness. There are many other ways to stay healthy on a cheap price in Hong Kong such as buying healthy groceries, medical care, sports gear and so on at reasonable prices.

Do your research for the best options for things that will help you to live your life healthier and more economical in Hong Kong.

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