Top 5 – Best Financial Apps To Use In Hong Kong

Top 5 – Best Financial Apps To Use In Hong Kong

Life in Hong Kong is hard to imagine if you don’t have essential apps and tools available on your smartphone.

Financial apps are definitely the most essential tools you should have in order to track and manage your money because you don’t want to go bankrupt or hit a negative balance in your bank account, right?

No matter what your age is, you must realise how important it is to manage your finances and ensure that your future is safe financially.

Did you know that 4 in 5 affluent consumers in Hong Kong use finance apps to manage their money.

Research conducted by Collinson Group has revealed that there is ample opportunity for financial services brands looking to engage affluent middle class customers in Asia via banking and finance apps.

According to the research, some 95% of Hong Kong‘s affluent middle class customers use banking and finance apps to engage with financial services providers, while 95% and 81% in China and Singapore respectively do so.

Collinson Group polled 6,125 of the top 10-15% of earners from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates.

Key highlights from the research around how customers in these countries interact with financial services organisations are as follows:


There are numerous financial apps available for you to use in your smartphone in Hong Kong but here are the best 5 ones you might want to consider:

.1 Clare.Ai

Clare Ai makes the top of the list because unlike other “apps” Clare runs through the Facebook messenger app itself. Clare acts like a personal assistant for you.

By connecting to Clare through your Facebook messenger account this you can chat with Clare any time you want by using Facebook Messenger and she will help you with any answers you’re seeking for – it could be bank statements, financial status, balance, budget, expenditure and even advice if you will ask for it.

The best thing about Clare.Ai is that you can send your enquiries or concerns and receive personalised answers or solution in return giving you the feel of you interacting with a person and not a machine.

.2 Spending Tracker

The name Spending Tracker is self-explanatory. This smartphone-friendly financial app comes with all features that will help to monitor your expenses. It possesses 100+ categories for you to break down your transactions. For a quick overview, you can even get charts of your transaction details created for a day, a month and a year according to your requirement.

.3 Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is simple yet popular budgeting app used worldwide. The app is built on advanced technology which allows you to sync with web data and even edit them.

Toshl’s interface is user-friendly so that anyone can easily use it to track and manage their expenses. This amazing financial app goes beyond just tracking your expenses by providing you with additional facilities of daily exchange rates information and ability to see your money in any currency. Such extra-ordinary features are what make Toshl Finance a perfect app even for the travelers and online shoppers.

.4 Breeze Hong Kong

Breeze Hong Kong is just as cool as it sounds. This fun mobile banking app is certainly the best choice for those who want to manage and keep track of their financial status or bank account.

Breeze Hong Kong is impressive in terms of design and its functions are friendly enough to get you to the ease you need to stay updated about your financial status. With this app, you are able to view all the financial statements, transfer funds and pay online, all under a wonderfully designed platform.

.5 PPS on mobile 

PPS on mobile is probably the most reliable app for making your bill payment in Hong Kong. Once you have created an account with PPS, it allows you to settle bills of more than 20 categories from more than 8 hundred merchants. Using a few clicks, you can manage to clear up bills like telecommunication bills, credit cards, property management fees, college fees and so on. Yes, it’s the app to make your payment much smarter and easier.

Financial Apps are great for money management or budgeting. There are many such tools available to install into your smartphone but make sure that you choose the right financial apps to use in Hong Kong that can help with your specific needs.

Just grab one of the above and start tracking your expenses, view financial details and even make online payments with a few clicks.

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