6 Solid Tips To Manage Your Budget Every Month

Are you a financially independent person living in Hong Kong? Are you disappointed to see poor bank balance at the end of the month?

Are you struggling to control your expenses but are failing each time?


Chances are, managing a budget is what you exactly need at this moment. Budgeting becomes a vital part of your life especially when you start to spend out of your own income.

You must have felt how tough it is to manage your money when you have to throw away your hard-earned paychecks into the markets of Hong Kong. It definitely hurts when you have to figure out that you have no or a very little money left at the end of the month. It happens when you spend randomly without any need, have no saving or budget plans or have no idea about how to do it.

Here are 6 solid tips that will help you towards your budgeting goal:

Record your expenses for a month: This is the first thing you are going to do if you are determined to make wise spending by planning a proper budget and managing it every month. Yes, at first, you keep track of your expense for the whole month. See where the money is going – shopping, bills, fees, insurance, housing, and entertainment? It is okay even if you could keep the records in a traditional way with a notebook and a pen. This simple yet effective technique is useful to create a budget plan for coming months, serving as baseline survey information.

Plan your budget: Now that you have the base for creating your new budget plan, put all the information into an online spreadsheet and start to allocate budget for each category, from a cup of morning coffee at café to huge utility bills. Always keep in mind about the potential unexpected expenses such as gifts, repair and maintenance costs, etc. And the seasonal expenses like heating are going to cost you more in winter. Be aware of that!

Spend as less as possible: A little less spending in everything can accumulate to give you a big surprise in the long run. Never underestimate the power of small savings because it is the small saving amounts that are going to accumulate into the large sum of your dream. The trick is not that hard. Just think creatively about how you can spend less such as cooking a dish at home instead of eating out at a restaurant or buying a shoe at a local store instead of a branded one.

Boost your income: Try to explore new opportunities to earn money. It could be possible through your hobby or talent that you want to invest some time in earning extra money to boost your income. Once you apply this trick, it is going to help you in the long run in your savings as well as career.

Monitor your spending every month: Since you want to manage your budget every month, you need to monitor your spending and compare it with your personal budget plan. In case you have exceeded your limits, you should consider cutting expenses somewhere else so that you stay under the allocated limit. The goal is to stick to your budget plan at any cost.

Use a budget tracking app: This one is essential in this digital age where you are carrying a smartphone in your pockets. There are several budgeting apps available in the market but you should choose the one that helps you track the budget in the most convenient way.

Clare Ai is a budget tracking app that will assist in your budget management just like a friend. Whether it be inquiring your balance, monthly statement, financial statement or saving and spending tips, it will answer all your queries by chatting with you on Facebook Messenger. Pretty simple!

By following the above steps, you can easily manage your budget every month, control your spending and increase your savings for better future. Try them out and see the difference. Budgeting or managing a budget is not as hard as you might think. Anyone can do it!

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