10 Great Ways To Enjoy Saving Money In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise and as all of us residence living here know, it’s easy to go out any time in the day or night and find something entertaining to do.

In Hong Kong spending money is fun when it comes to shopping and dinning, the big discounts, the lunar New Year offer’s, the buy one get two offers and the 50 percent sales discounts that many department stores offer. After all who hasn’t been up to Tung Chung outlets, Mong Kong, Causeway bay or any of the other great shopping locations in Hong Kong.


But just for shopping in Hong Kong, we enjoy spending money for anything that is fun such as entertainment, leisure, dinning and travel, but what about saving.

When spending money and buying things can give so much satisfaction, do you think something boring like saving money could be enjoyable as well? The thing is it is absolutely possible to make saving fun and rewarding if you follow the 10 great ways to enjoy saving money in Hong Kong listed below:

10 great ways to enjoy saving money in Hong Kong

  1. Set goals and stick to them: If you are planning to do something, like taking a holiday to your dream destination, the most fundamental thing you should have is a goal. For example: if you want to save a certain amount of money, you should first think of specific goals you would be attaining after you have saved the amount. Set the kind of goals that motivate you. It could be a car, a holiday trip or a diamond ring. If your goal is too big, divide it into small ones to keep yourself motivated along the way.
  1. Reward yourself: Good work always deserves rewards be it from others or yourself. Once you have reached each milestone, reward yourself with something you really love. The rewards should not be huge though; shopping with a budgeted amount of money or having a good lunch in a nice restaurant after a milestone will be good. This is the best way to have fun while saving money as well as to set reminders for your goal.
  1. Announce your goal to the world: Announcing your saving goal to the world is another trick you can play with your own mind. If you tell your family, friends or someone about how much you are going to save within certain duration, it is likely that you are going to make it because once you have announced, you will not want to announce again that you have failed in it.
  1. Watch your spending habits: This is absolutely crucial. If you are trying to save money, you must keep track of where your money is going. At times, you might make an impulsive purchase but don’t regret it, just learn from it to not let it happen again and keep moving forward.
  1. Block your senses: We are naturally drawn to attractive materials be it delicious foods, elegant watches or evenings out in clubs and bars, but that doesn’t mean you have to go grab them. If you are determined towards your saving goal, such distractions shouldn’t let you to do impulsive spending activities.
  1. Get inspired: Inspiration is like the driver of your goal. In order to enjoy saving money, you must connect with people who are experts in the field. Make sure that you know their techniques of saving money and apply them to your plan accordingly. Staying in touch with friends or people who are in the same boat is also helpful to feel inspired and motivated towards your own goal.
  1. Plan your budget: If you want to enjoy saving money and be successful in it, you can no more blow paychecks on parties randomly or swipe credit cards impulsively. You will now need to plan your budget and adhere to it, NO MATTER WHAT! Remember that you can’t succeed without setting a discipline.
  1. Save money the right way: We don’t want to stress out when we are saving, right? So to have the peace of mind while we are saving is to directly deposit or transfer the saving amount into your saving account. Since there will be no opportunity to witness the cash, you won’t feel the loss of not spending it.
  1. Make more money: Making more money will help you to reach your goals faster. So look out for more opportunities that will help you to earn and save more money.
  1. Don’t forget to relax: One of the smart ways to enjoy saving money is to relax and be patient when things pop out of the track. Realising that the mistakes can happen and moving back to track takes perseverance which will eventually help you to become successful.

Living in Hong Kong is an expensive city, but with planning and knowing what your spend and save will help you.

So these are the tips and tricks that will help you to attain your saving goal. Since we are conditioned to spend randomly without any budget plan, there are chances that we might lose the track.

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