– Your Personal A.I Financial Assistant

Welcome to the official blog of, your A.I. personal financial assistant.

If your new to our blog, then one of the first questions you will be asking is, what is

Clare is your personal A.I financial assistant, powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Clareai image

Ask about your finances anytime

device mobile phone

No need to go to the bank and meet advisors. Chat with Clare through texts like you do with friends, she will get back to you instantly anytime and anywhere with your answers.

Help you to spend smarter


Clare constantly learns from your spending habits and your questions. She will provide suggestions to you with better insights on how to save money and spend smarter.

All accounts in one place


Manage all your accounts and transaction in one place, so you know where your money is going and how much you can spend.

Integrated with Facebook Messenger


No need to download another app, talk to Clare in Facebook Messenger and get and instant reply.

Sign up now for your free trial to use

For a limited time we are offering full free access for our special VIP’s to try for themselves. Hurry and register now as the free trial will be limited to the first 500 users and will be closing soon!

register for free trial now


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